Medical Massage

We offer caring experienced and qualified myomassologists to work with your massage rehabilitation and wellness goals. This massage service is for those who have suffered traumatic injury due to automotive accident or work-related injury. 


We will be happy to work with you and your healthcare team including case managers to create a detailed wellness massage plan. *Insurance accepted upon verification for automotive injury and worker's compensation clientele. 

Prices Vary


Techniques that may be used include a combination of Swedish, Sport, Reflexology, Energy Balancing, Orthopedic Massage, Deep Tissue, Myofacial Release, and Cranio Sacral Therapy. Your therapist will work with you to find the perfect combination to meet your needs!

60 min ($75)  • 90 min ($100)

Back Massage
Sports Massage

This massage applies therapeutic techniques that aim to improve performance and range of motion and meet the specific goals of the athlete or those who do any daily repetitive activity.

60 min ($75)  • 90 min ($100)

Sports Injury
Swedish Massage

With gliding long strokes and rhythmic movements, relaxation is the key focus of this massage. Perfect for those who wish to calm the body and mind

60 min ($75)  • 90 min ($100)

Massage Therapy
Pregnancy & Labor Massage:

Studies indicate that receiving massage therapy during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health. You will enjoy peace, comfort and relaxation for you and your baby with this beautiful massage by our qualified massage therapist.

60 min ($75)  • 90 min ($100)

Hand on Bump
Event Massage

We offer massage therapy services for your special events such as bridal parties, baby showers, corporate events, sporting events etc. Please contact us directly to inquire!

Prices Vary

Woman sitting on massage chair in clinic