What to Expect


Blue Tree Bodyworks specializes in:
Therapeutic & Relaxation Massage (specifically) for:
  • Automotive Injury, including for those with TBI and Spinal Cord  Injury
  • Cases of Chronic or Acute Pain due to trauma       and/or overuse
  • Stress Reduction  
  • Mothers & Expecting Mothers  
  • Athletes



  • Infant Massage

Massage can often be seen as something that is a luxury, that is unnecessary. However, although it can be very relaxing and therapeutic to have a relaxing Swedish massage, the benefits of combining different types of massage based on your specific goals are so numerous and abundant that with time you will  see how important it is to use wellness treatments like this as a preventative care to keep you well and aid in the recovery process.

Who benefits from my work?

Receiving regular massage therapy offers a long list of health benefits that can contribute to keeping you moving and feeling good and also get you back on the path to sustainable wellness.


Massage therapy is a drug free, non-invasive approach to encourage the bodies' natural ability to repair itself and manage its daily stresses and injuries.


If you are looking to increase the range of flexibility in your joints, decrease your anxiety, lower your blood pressure, or feel fatigued and would like more energy and better sleep, massage therapy can help with this. To learn more, read:



What is Medical Massage?


Medical Massage is an outcome-based (goal specific) Massage Therapy which targets specific areas of injury and pain and uses various techniques such as neuromuscular reeducation, stretching techniques, trigger point therapy, craniosacral therapy, orthopedic massage, and myofascial release, among other techniques, to reduce muscle tension and spasticity, improve range of motion, reduce pain, reduce frequency of spasms and pain, and normalize soft tissue quality after experiencing injury and scarring. The focus, after a thorough structural evaluation, is placed on the affected muscles, soft tissues, and their counterparts.


Will My Insurance Cover My Massage?


Michigan No-Fault Insurance may pay for your medical massage therapy.

If you were injured in an auto accident in the State of Michigan and have Michigan No-Fault Automobile

Insurance your expenses to see a complimentary alternative health care practitioner my be covered even if the accident was your fault. This coverage allows you to be treated for your auto accident related injuries with a simple referral from your medical doctor.


Our highly skilled, compassionate, licensed and insured massage therapist will assist you in the comfort or your own home or we can assist you at our office location in Keego Harbor, MI.


How do I find out if my health insurance will cover my massage if I have not been in an automotive accident?

Health insurance plans are unique to each individual and vary greatly. To find out if your plan will cover Medical Massage Therapy please call your insurance provider. THIS FORM may be used as a guide and checklist to help you inquire and learn more about your health plan and limitations.



How do I prepare for receiving medical massage in my home?

Our massage therapists will provide all of the equipment needed to ensure you have a proper medical massage treatment. We only ask that the room in which you provide for us to work with you is clear and open enough to provide space for setting up a massage table and space to comfortably and safely walk around while working.



How do I prepare for receiving medical massage at your office location?


If this will be your first visit:

Please contact our office to receive an online intake form which will need to be filled out in completion and emailed to our office BEFORE your first visit, along with a copy of your completed medical prescription form HERE for massage therapy from your medical doctor. The prescription MUST include how many times per week and duration of prescription (when prescription expires) and relevant medical diagnosis codes. Please arrive 15 minutes early for you first appointment.


For all other appointments:

Please always arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to ensure you receive your full amount of time in session.

For all other questions please contact Blue Tree Body Works HERE.

“ I enjoyed the mix of techniques used to address areas of tension, great palpation and use

of passive and stretch movements and good control of pressure for me!” 

-Brandi J