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Baby Massage Class | 5-class series
Happy Mother with her Child

Join us for this very special 5 session course to learn infant massage with your little one! This course will give you the tools to help you understand your baby more clearly and create a massage routine that will have long-lasting positive physical and emotional benefits! For Ages 1 month-12 months


Multiple Courses Offered  |  All on Mondays

1: Mon  |  July 15–August 12   |  10 am-11 am

2: Mon  |  July 15–August 12   |  1 pm-2 pm

3: Mon  |  July 22–August 19   |  10 am-11am

4. Mon  |  July 22–August 19   |  1 pm-2 pm

5: Mon  |  July 29–August 26   |  10 am-11 am

6. Mon  |  July 29–August 26   |  1 pm-2 pm

Class Location:

Mana Wellness

23708 Woodward Ave. Pleasant Ridge, MI 48069

In this class you will:

  • Learn how to give your baby a massage

  • Learn strategic ways to relieve gas, constipation, colic, and stress

  • Learn how to enhance brain development, emotional and physical health for your baby

  • Get one-on-one bonding time with your baby

  • Learn mindfulness techniques, and become empowered to contribute to you babies overall health. 

  • Learn to understand early infant communication

  • Take home a complimentary bottle of organic cold pressed sunflower massage oil

  • Have the opportunity to stay after class for refreshments and to mingle and network with other mamas.

Why Baby Massage?

Making baby massage a part of your routine with your little one has proven to enhance bonding and relationships through close physical and emotional connection! Studies show that the more tactile stimulation a baby receives in his or her first months of life up through the first year can positively impact their brain development*. Daily massage has helped address a range of issues from sleep and gas/colic to circulation, mobility, immunity and more!

This baby massage class is meant for you and your babies,1 month to 12 months.


Benefits Of Infant Massage For Your Baby

Developmental benefits for the first year of life

Physical Benefits

Gross motor skill stimulation

Body awareness

Fine motor skills

Improved Sleep patterns

reduction of stress hormones

Stimulation of bodily systems

Relief help: with colic and gas

may soothe growing pains

may help with excess mucus

teething discomfort  

belly cramps

Social and Emotional


Strenghthen family bonding and attachment

Interaction with others

Build self confidence and empathy

Creates respect  and self-esteem



Verbal and non-verbal communication

Understanding cues

Cognitive Stimulation

Brain development

Memory and recall

Sensory Development